WATCH VIDEO:“You said you didn’t like my rap when I was coming up” – Fameye reminds Berla Mundi


Broadcaster Berla Mundi was left in utter shock when highlife sensation Fameye reminded her of some unkind words she had used on him some time past.

This was revealed by Fameye when he made an appearance of the TV3’s New Day show hosted by Berla Mundi.

"You said you didn't like my rap when I was coming up" - Fameye reminds Berla Mundi

According to the ‘Mati’ hitmaker, the broadcaster told him in a radio interview some years ago when he was barely known that his rap was wack.

This was said when Berla Mundi wanted to find out why Famaye always sings about life and the struggles he had gone through and he replied by saying his life has been tough and the music he does recounts what he has gone through.

Stating some practical examples amongst othesr, Fameye said Berla Mundi once said his rap was poor and that even motivated him to keep going.

"You said you didn't like my rap when I was coming up" - Fameye reminds Berla Mundi
Berla Mundi

Berla Mundi: Why do you awlays sing about life?

Fameye: Well, my music is about what I have gone through. I lost my parents at a very young age and I had to live with friends and family.

Berla Mundi: And they treated you bad?

Fameye: Some treated me bad and others didn’t. I quite remember I came to your interview and I rapped, and you were like ‘I didn’t like your rap

Berla Mundi: Oh, I did? OMG! I can’t believe this. Did you take my advice? That was my young crazy self

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