WATCH:The First Touchscreen Smart Phone was released 25 years ago(Video).



There are millions of touchscreen smart phones used worldwide but non of us ever thought of how it transitions from the beginning up to today.

The first smart phone was released in 1992 by Inter National Business Machine (IBM), which was named “IBM SIMON”.

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This phone has a very large body and screen size as compared to touchscreen phones now.

It has just some few features which are, making call and receiving call, Making note, Using the calendar and also the phone settings.

The phone has 4.5-inch×1.4-inch (114mm×36mm) LCD display with 293×160 pixels resolution and touch support with stylus, but had modest specs compared to modern-day smartphones. IBM Simon was powered by a x86-compatible 16-bit Vadem processor clocked at a mere 16MHz. It came with 1MB RAM, 1MB storage and ran ‘Zaurus OS.

This device actually inspired all other touchscreen devices that we use today. Many have not seen or heard about it before but the video below revealed the amazing look of the phone.


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