WATCH VIDEO:Bag snatcher jumps into the big Odaw River at Circle to avoid arrest

Odaw River
Odaw River

An embattled bag snatcher was out of options after he had carried out his operation and had to, as a last resort, jump into the muddy waters of the Odaw river in Circle, a business hub in Accra.

Narrating the incident, Redeemer Buatsi, who witnessed the situation, said the thief after snatching the handbag passed it over to his accomplice who then bolted with the bag containing a mobile phone, wallet and other valuables.

He added that the thief was on the run only for him to jump into the river when he realized he had to choose between being lynched or drowning in the dark waters of the Odaw.

Many attempts by his pursuers to arrest him proved futile and eventually, he manoeuvred his way to an outlet where he had friends who lowered a rope to pull him out to safety.

The exclusive video was shared on social media by @Ebenezer_Peegah.



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