Watch | Video of “ghost” captured using the gym training goes viral


Three police officers were left stunned as two pieces of gym equipment appear to operate unaided at an outdoor park in India, with many claiming it was the supernatural.

According to a viral video which is currently making on social media, police officers in India were called out to a park late at night after a local resident reported a “ghost” using gym equipment.

In the video, three officers stand around two pieces of gym equipment, which suddenly start operating on their own.

Amazed by what he is watching, one of the officers starts filming the equipment moving unaided.

As scary as it looked, the police officers stood there and captured the whole scene on camera for evidence purposes. I’m sure the ghost was looking at them whiles building its body.

Police spokesperson Rahul Srivastav shared the spooky clip, which was been viewed 185,000 times on Twitter.

Watch the shocking video below;




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