VIDEO:Stop Asking Me Silly Questions – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Takes MzGee To The Gutters Live On Air


Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has set social media ablaze after he angrily reacted to a comment about Castro’s mother present condition.

It was recently reported by Lawyer Maurice Ampaw that since the disappearance of Castro,his mother has been dejected to the extent that she hardly feed hersef daily.

Meanwhile, Castro’s mother according a voice note played on MzGee’s shows implies that all rumors speculated by Lawyer Ampaw are nothing but fabricated stories. According to the voice note, she’s living her normal life like before. Well, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw while speaking in a phone conversation with MzGee was given the platform to react to Castro’s mother issue which has stolen the attention of Ghanaians.

Maurice Ampaw insisted that Castro’s mother isn’t speaking the truth because he knows her very well at Dansoman and even mentioned someone’s name who’s close to her.

However, the renowed lawyer who got pissed while being questioned slammed the interviewer (MzGee) and tagged her irresponsible for asking him silly questions.While still ranting, Maurice Ampaw indicated that he was going to take Mzgee on and hang up the phone.



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