VIDEO:Son of Kwame Despite proposes love to girlfriend on a plane.who said money no sweet?



The new craze out there is people who wish to get married have shunned away from proposing to their would-be spouse in a private place and have now adapted to proposing in an open space in the presence of many people.

The first son of Ghanaian millionaire Kwame Despite identified as Kennedy decided to go the same way by doing his in a different way thus proposing to his long time girlfriend on board a plane in the presence of other passengers.

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The Yet to be couple gave family and friends a Wonderful experience on a flight as they witness the Wonderful ‘proposal’.


It is rumored that Kennedy met this beautiful Damsel at a wedding and that is where love-struck, they become friends and what emerges is a beautiful relationship born out of love and mutual respect.

Watch the video below:




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