VIDEO:All prayers by Pastors against Coronavirus will not work, Nana Addo should call on we Traditionalist – Ghanaian Priest



A yet-to-be-identified old man who is obviously a traditional priest has called out President Nana Addo for ignoring them during these hard times of Coronavirus.

According to him in a viral video, Christianity and the ‘Jesus’ that so-called ‘Children of God’ call on is fake and a white man’s tool to tear us away from our original gods.

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The priest asked that when was Jesus when our forefathers were fighting for Ghana?

He again quizzed that when was Jesus when our forefathers discovered Ghana?

The Priest noted that it’s time for us to go back to our true culture as Ghanaians.

Speaking further on Coronavirus, the Priest mentioned that he doesn’t understand why Nana Addo will call only pastors to pray for Ghana when they’re also there.

He stressed that God will not answer their prayers because all those prayers are empty.

The Priest pointed out that when Christians are praying, they do say “God of Israel” whiles Israel as a country has also recorded Coronavirus.

So if God is indeed a God of the Israelites, why is it that HE didn’t prevent the virus from entering their country.

“If God is not able to do it for HIS country, why do you want to deceive us that he’ll do it for Ghana”?, he asked.

Watch the video below:

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Traditional man angry with Nana Addo

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