Video of policeman slapping a woman at a registration centre


A police officer has allegedly assaulted a woman at one of the centres for the ongoing voters’ registration exercise organised by the Electoral Commission (EC).

In a video making the rounds on social media, the officer is seen in a heated altercation with the woman who was in a queue as she and dozens of others wait for their turn to register.

“If you want to show that you are a boss I will also show you that I am a boss… If you will display arrogance, I will not let you in here,” he is heard saying amid responses from the latter.

It is unclear what triggered the argument, but both parties seemed to be unready to let it go.


The amateur footage shows the yet-to-be-identified officer as he reaches out and slaps the middle-aged woman to the amazement of onlookers.

Others intervened to restrain the woman from confronting the policeman as he he pulled away by some men at the site.

The incident, which occurred at a registration centre yet to be identified, has generated uproar on social media.

The Ghana Police Service is yet to comment on the matter.




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