Video of A Prophet ‘Banging’ A Woman In A Pool In front Of Congregation Pops Up


My husband always cover my mouth In bed and I hate it, he won’t let me scream or express myself he will use his hands and cover my mouth and if I struggle to remove it he will hold my neck and start choking me. But if I don’t scream he will be spanking me and shouting baby scream for me, tell me you love me, call me papi and if I start he covers my mouth .

So his kid sister came visiting few days , he was the one that came to tough me and he was banging me too hard so I was shouting and he now used pillow to cover may face and almost killed me before I struggled to push him and he fell and hit his neck on the wall…Continue Reading

We are in the hospital now and his sister reported me to the police but I am out now .

my husband call that he is still in love with me that I should come.

Better still Click HERE to watch


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