Tyron Woodley Income Increases After Fight Against Jake Paul: This Is His 2021 Net Worth

Tyron Woodley
Tyron Woodley


How former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley’s net worth surged (increased) after his against Jake Paul.

The Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight is happened on August 29 at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland. As the fight time was inching closer, fans are growing curious to know the former UFC Champion’s net worth.

The highly-publicized boxing match between Jake and Tyron has been making headlines for months now. The Saturday (August 28) weigh-in, which was quite eventful, left fans wanting more.

Here’s a look at how much wealth Tyron has accumulated so far, and how this fight will impact his financial standing.

Tyron Woodley


  • Tyron is worth approximately $4 million.

The MMA fighter’s impressive stint with UFC has added immensely to his finances. Moreover, as per Evening Standard, Tyron is set to make a minimum of $500,000 from his fight against Jake.

However, his manager, Malki Kawa said that Tyron would “walk away with a multi-million dollar payday” after fighting the YouTuber.

The 39-year-old started his MMA career in February 2009, against Steve Schnider and won the match via submission in the first round.

The same thing happened in Tyron’s second professional bout against Jeff Carstens in April that year. The UFC fighter then debuted for Strikeforce the same year.

He lost his fight in 2012 against Nate Marquardt. However, Tyron made an impressive comeback in his UFC debut in February 2013 with a knock out victory against Jay Hieron. By 2015 Tyron’s professional record was 15-3.

Prior to this, in May 2014 the Missouri native was ranked #3 in the official UFC welterweight rankings. He went on to become the champion in the category and defended his title five times, in three years. He finally lost the title to Kamaru Usman in 2019.


The Saturday weigh-in event ahead of the fight brought some impressive results. The YouTuber was recorded to be 190 pounds, while the former UFC champion came in at 189.5 pounds.

However, chaos broke out at the event, as the face-off between the fighters became more intense. In an attempt to intimidate his opponent, in true ‘Jake’ fashion, the YouTuber tried to grab Tyron’s hat off his head.

However, unlike the last time with Floyd Mayweather, this time the 24 year old failed. In an attempt to stop a melee from breaking out at the event, security and members from both camps swarmed to the scene pushing and shoving the angry fighters aside.

Jake Paul beats Tyron Woodley in split decision: Round-to-round fight coverage

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley is now over, with Paul winning a split decision over former UFC welterweight champion Woodley Sunday night at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. It was a compelling fight, but the split decision doesn’t do justice to Paul, who, outside of one scare during the fourth round, appeared to win pretty convincingly.

In the aftermath, Paul appeared keen to take a break, given his busy schedule in 2021. Woodley on the other hand was convinced he won and demanded a rematch. Paul said if he honors a bet, made earlier, to get “I love Jake Paul” tattooed on his body, he’ll do the rematch. Interesting.

See below for our round-by-round coverage of the fight.

Round 1

And we’re off. Woodley swings wild to open. Is now trying to walk Paul down, but the size difference is noticeable. Paul is trying to lead with the jab and is doing so effectively. Woodley seems a little frozen and struggling with the range. Paul on the other hand is getting comfy in there.

Our score: 10-9 Paul

Round 2

Paul lands with a big right to open, but Woodley is trying to cut him off. Paul is not having it. Low activity round so far and Woodley is biting too hard on the feints. Not much happening here and Woodley is down another round.

Our score: 10-9 Paul

Round 3

Already a better round for Woodley but Paul comes back. Woodley is trying to get inside and gets countered for it. Paul is looking good so far, this could be a long night for Woodley.

Our score: 10-9 Paul

Round 4

Paul’s punches looking a little less discipled now. Tyron seems like he can get inside better now and is landing the better shots.

Woodley lands a big shot and Paul is rocked. He almost goes down and desperately tries to recover. He makes it out of the round but man… Now we have a fight!

Our score: 10-9 Woodley

Round 5

Paul looks very tired now and this could be a big problem because Woodley is just getting started. This could be an interesting final three rounds. Woodley should be pressing but he’s slowing down here. Still, this is Woodley’s round.

Our score: 10-9 Woodley

Round 6

Paul seems to have regained a bit of steam here, landing shots on Woodley and getting his combinations going. Woodley has slowed down and seems to be chasing a one shot kill. This is anyone’s round to steal, but in the end it looks like Paul took it.

Our score: 10-9 Paul

Round 7

Woodley’s corner is urgent. It appears they know they need a KO at this point. He comes out more aggressive but it doesn’t take much to put him back in his shell. But Paul’s punches are sloppy and surely Woodley could counter here.

Paul looks tired but Woodley simply isn’t doing enough here.

Our score: 10-9 Woodley

Round 8

Final round and surely Woodley needs a stoppage here. He comes out with some tight offence and lands some shorts, but it’s not enough. Paul can easily cruise to a victory here. Woodley is pot-shotting now when he really needs something definitive.

In the end he wins the round on my scorecard, but he has almost certainly lost the fight.

Our score: 10-9 Woodley

Jake Paul wins by split decision


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