Twitter Users Reacts To Picture Of [email protected] Who Got Engaged |Video + Photo


Social media users, especially twitter fans, have reacted to a post made by a [email protected] about her happiness in her marriage with her fellow woman, criticizing her decision and advising her to reconsider and reflect on what she considered love.

[email protected] and [email protected] have been on the rise worldwide. Some European countries have accepted marriages of gays backed with law, whereas other countries in African frowns upon and criticize their act in the society because of their religious beliefs and contradictions.

She was lambasted by her followers due to the picture she captioned and posted. Some people showed how disappointed they felt in her decision whereas others congratulated her without being judgemental.

@Young_Nung: “I have many hidden talents which I don’t even know cuz they’re all hidden”

@AjibolaOVictor1: “Deep down in you, you know this isn’t fulfillment at all. You really have to ask your self again if you made the right choice. Take a deep reflection. You will find the strength to make things right.”

@The_GreatGee: “WTF! people are still practicing this in 2020??? nkt!

@_IbeezParis: “I don’t blame you I blame @Obama for legalizing this rubbish”

@TriciaTakanawaa: “All the negative people under this post seem to be from Africa. Wakanda miserable life y’all living over there!?”

@YemmyMiko: “Abomination.there is a punishment waiting for both of you”

Some reactions from social media users


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