TV3’S Date Rush Brouhaha: Former Participant Demystify The Mystery About It Being Real Or Scripted (+Video)



On Sunday night, the Ghanaian social media space was on literal fire after Ignatius, one of the participants of TV3’s Date Rush decided to turn down all the ladies who were really into him.

All the buzz about the show, which is in its third season and is currently one of the most-watched shows on the Ghanaian TV screens and social media was because most of the viewers of the show felt Ignatius’ action was a big disrespect to the ladies while others felt he was acting according to a script.

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Even though young marketer and philanthropist has come out to state that none of the things witnessed was scripted, many people still believe still doubt.

Against this backdrop, radio personality/blogger Ebenezer Nana Yaw Donkoh aka NY DJ called an old participant of the show and tried to demystify this mystery.

The gentleman who decided to speak anonymously due to issues of privacy stated that at his time, which is the very first season, everything was very real.

He added in the interview sighted by that a lot of background checks were conducted at their time to prevent the situation where somebody might come onto the show and just play around.

I am pretty sure the debate about it being real or scripted might continue but this should help out in a way. Check out the interview below


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