Tracy Sarkcess Complains About Being Treated Badly In Their Quarantine Hotel | Here’s What She Said[SCREENSHOT]


Tracy Sarkess, the wife of Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, has metered out her displeasure at the manner in which they are being treated in their quarantine hotel.

Tracy with her husband Sarkodie and two children arrived in the country about a few week ago from the UK.

Precautionary measures put in place by the government to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus indicates that persons who arrive in the country serve 2 weeks mandatory quaratine.

However, Tracy Sarkcess who is a mother of two has complained bitterly about how badly they are being treated.

According to her, they are not allowed to leave their hotel rooms for even fresh air and it is mentally and physically draining.

She took to her twitter handle to write;

It’s been a week now since we went into quarantine. We’ve been stuck in the 4corners of our room with 2 kids 24/7. We’re not allowed even in the yard of the hotel for fresh air or walk around. It doesn’t feel healthy mentally and physically. Aren’t prisoners even allowed 30mins a day out…?



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