There will be no funeral for Castro even if he doesn’t return next year – Father reveals

Next year July 6, 2021 will mark 7 years since Ghanaian musician Castro and his girlfriend Janet Bandu went missing…


Next year July 6, 2021 will mark 7 years since Ghanaian musician Castro and his girlfriend Janet Bandu went missing whiles on a chilling spree with his best friend, Asamoah Gyan, and his crew.

Castro was reported to have gone missing on July 6, 2014, after his ski boat capsized while cruising on the Volta Lake with his girlfriend.

Well, according to the constitution of Ghana, when someone goes missing for 7 years without being found, then, the family of the missing persons can hold a funeral in their memory.

However, Castro’s father Mr. Coffie has said in a new interview on Akoma FM that there will be no funeral for his son even if he does not come back.

As I speak as the father, there is no evidence to prove that my son is dead for me to hold his funeral though the law says it can be done after seven years when the family has not found their lost member. However, that law does not bind us to hold his funeral”, he said in his interview monitored by

According to him, his experience as a seaman does not make him believe his son Castro is dead. He says he would only believe it if someone says his son’s death is spiritual, but to believe that he drawn is impossible.

“The cowards can take the lead, but those of us who have the carriage know that whatever the situation might be, God will talk”, he stressed.

He is confident that, Castro is not dead and still waiting for him to return.


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