For most young ladies, sleeping with husbands of other women is not a problem and will continue to do that till thy Kingdom come. However, like the ghetto anthem goes, “always for the thief man one day for the owner”.

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Such is the story of Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah. A couple of months ago, a video of the actress being delivered by one man of God, Prince Elisha Osei Kofi. The prophet indicated that the actress during her hay days was sleeping with husbands of other women.

According to him, there was a particular man who she dated and caused him to beat his wife in her presence and that the woman who was beaten by her husband has done all within her means to ensure that Vicky Zugah does not succeed in any relationship in her life.

Well, Vicky Zugah a few hours ago on Instagram has shared a video of herself claiming she’s now free – The curses have been reversed.

According to her, she has finally met and apologized to the married woman she snatched her husband.

Watch the video below;


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