Son of Arch Bishop Duncan Williams, Daniel Duncan Williams Finally apologizes to his father for disgracing him on social media[SCREENSHOT]


Daniel Duncan, the son of Arch Bishop Duncan Williams have apologized after disgracing his father on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Daniel admitted that all the accusations he made against his dad were all false and that his father is the best dad that one can ever dream of having.

He tweeted:

“Dear daddy  @ArchbishopNick i would to Humbly apologize for the false accusations… You are the best father anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for loving me even through all the trials and tribulations.”

daniel duncan


Daniel went haywire on social media last week, he shared videos of himself twerking naked and another of him with a group of ladies in a pool literary having s3x.

This caused social media users to bath his father Arch Bishop Duncan Williams with insults, saying that he failed to train-up his son well.

Duncan Williams however came out to speak that his son has a mental disability and that he behaves weird when he misses his medicine.


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