Social Media Users Happy Themselves With Pillow Challenge To Kill Boredom (Photos)



People around the world have expressed boredom on social media since almost every country around the world has activated a lockdown and social distance order to prevent further spread of the ravaging coronavirus which has succeeded in killing thousands of people worlwide.


The lockdown and social distance order has affected the social lifestyle of people since they can’t go about their normal duties of going shopping, seeing movies, socializing with family and friends etc. Coronavirus in the past three month has ripped off the world and it people any form of happiness and enjoyment.

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Boredom is the other of the day since people are restricted from leaving their houses. People have managed to come out with beautiful thoughts and challenges to keep the world entertained. One of the challenges which has caught the attention of many is the on-going pillow challenge. The challenge has been accepted by social media users across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It first started with women fastening a A belt on a pillow infront of their body to cover their nakedness. Some men who do not want to be left out have taken part in the challenge.


See images below:


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