Shots Fired – Strongman Trow shots at Former Boss Sarkodie.



Former Sackcess Music Signee, Strongman has thrown some serious shots believed to be directed to his Former Boss Sarkodie.

The Rap Sensation hours ago released a new track he titled “Nightmare” and you would trust him to deliver some hardcore lyrics. He seems to voice out his disappointment during his days working under Sarkodie. Describing it as “He was in a cage”. But now he is finally released.

“2 Years Back l was feeling like l was a Pet. But now the Lion is out if the cage” Strongman said in his first verse.

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At this point you can be forced to believe he is just releasing his rap skills and not trowing shots at the Rapper. But then he came out with another punchline in his second verse where he subtly spoke about Sarkodie Rapping in Twi but but was lucky enough to feature Ace Hood.

If you want English Press 1, if you want Twi Rap press 2 but if you are able to press X then customers care will direct you to Ace Hood” He said


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