(SCREENSHOT)Chiwetalu Agu Finally Reacts To Viral Report That He’s Sick & Needs Help

Nollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu has finally reacted to viral reports that he’s in a bad shape and needs help in the form of prayers and money to aid his recovery.

Fee days ago, a photo of a frail looking Chiwetalu Agu surfaced on the internet, with his numerous fans in Ghana and Nigeria questioning what could be wrong with him.

However, responding to the issue for the first time, the actor who is noted for his hilarious slangs and terms, urged his fans to disregard foolish posts on Facebook because he’s well and kicking.

“Good morning my people ❤️ Please disregard any foolish post on Facebook by anybody saying am SICK and SOLICITING for MONEY, I’m in a perfect good health condition, I will never ask anybody for A DIME neither am I on FACEBOOK. Signed Chief Chiwetalu Agu.”

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