Sarkodie reacts after M.anifest teased him on his birthday



Sarkodie celebrated his birthday yesterday and as you can imagine, he received a lot of messages from his friends, family members and colleagues from the entertainment industry.

M.anifest also sent him one and that was the only message which caught much attention because of their past rivalry which they have fortunately put behind them. The GodMc teased his friend for celebrating his birthday dressed in ‘kaba’, the same line he (Sarkodie) used to diss him during their intense rivalry back in 2015.

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Here’s the line Sarkodie used to throw shots at M.anifest simply because of his trademark dressing using African fabrics;

Obi b? diss-e me a na ?ny? rapper ?de GTP ntoma pam kaba

Me no me rap y? authentic

  1. Jay-Z a ya mix-i with Kendrick

    Nansa yi s? boys nni swag na s? ntaade no nn??so a ?mo claim-e afro-centric

    Nt?t?feefee wanna diss

    The beat I run and push, onua wo y? bitch

    Manifest took to twitter to remind Sarkodie that he’s wearing the same ‘Kaba’ he blasted him with on his ‘Kanta’ song.

Manifest on twitter wrote;



From one kaba god to another… Happy Birthday @sarkodie ???

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