Radio Presenters And DJs Have Used And Dumped Bisa Kdei; They Don’t Even Play His Songs Now- Shatta Wale


Highlife musician, Bisa Kdei used to be one of the hottest Artiste here in Ghana but of all a sudden, everything just went someway for Bisa kdei. You would even hardly hear his songs on Radio lately.


Well, in a Facebook live video, dancehall act, Shatta Wale stressed on the importance for musicians to make money, According to Shatta Wale, the gatekeepers of the music industry love to use and dump Artiste. Making an example, Shatta Wale said,

“Just look at those days how Bisa Kdei was trending; all his songs and videos were been played left and right, Bisa Kdei was one of the top hottest artistes back then but just look at Bisa Kdei now”.


Shatta Wale continued,

“Now when Bisa Kdei releases songs, they don’t play his songs. The same presenters say he’s doing Funeral songs too much. They are not paying attention to Bisa kdei anymore”,


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