Operation Booth On Ground’s-Sam Anthony Samuel:Fosco Tescon Organiser


Booth on grounds is an organised efforts which seeks to influence decision making to progress within the Orphan constituencies

After every election there emerge winners and losers, In primaries, it’s the same party members not stranger’s who were involved in the contest. In the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa (AOB), district all the aspirant were winners, but only one was chosen to lead the party as Parliamentary candidates in forthcoming December 7 elections.

The December 7 polls against the opposition NDC is the real battle we need each and everyone on board to canvas vote for our aspirant.
As we go on Round 2 we should develop the spirit of oneness and be with the greatness of mind for victory 2020.
I call upon Honourable Emmanuel Adjei Domson to reach out to the defeated aspirant and their patriots, together we will be crowned victorious in the battle round 2.
Let therefore, bind together, prepare and fight as one army in other to defeat our opponents in the December polls.
Apathy, running as independent candidates or campaigning for “skirts and blouse” are negative activities which needs not to be persued if we love our party and the elected candidate both the presidential and parliamentary aspirants.

We are all winners, Let close our ranks and defeat the largest opposition NDC in the forthcoming 2020 polls. As a matter of fact, let all come together and support Hon Emmanuel Adjei Domson in his journey to the house of decision makers. AOB needs a good and hardworking leader to bring development into the constituency. My humble request for him is to empower the youth, bring development and jobs into our constituency.

God bless Ghana,God bless Hon Emmanuel Adjei Domson,God bless AOB*#

lndeed we have won to save Ghana


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