My Husband Always Cover My Mouth Anytime We Make Love And Still Complain I Don’t Scream – Confused Woman


This story is the craziest story I have ever come across. A young lady says, her husband always cover her mouth in bed when she wants to scream or express herself.

According to her, anytime she tries to remove his hand from her mouth, he will start chocking her and if she don’t scream too he will be spanking and shouting baby scream for me, baby tell me you love me and if she starts he will cover her mouth.

Read her full crazy story below;

My husband always cover my mouth In bed and I hate it, he won’t let me scream or express myself he will use his hands and cover my mouth and if I struggle to remove it he will hold my neck and start chocking me. But if I don’t scream he will be spanking me and shouting baby scream for me, tell me you love me, call me papi and if I start he covers my mouth .

So his kid sister came visiting few days , he was the one that came to tough me and he was banging me too hard so I was shouting and he now used pillow to cover may face and almost killed me before I struggled to push him and he fell and hit his neck on the wall…Continue Reading

We are in the hospital now and his sister reported me to the police but I am out now .

my husband call that he is still in love with me that I should come.



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