Meet Ama Broni: Young Lady In Her Early 20s Met Her Untimely Death After Boys Fondled Her Br3asts & Inserted Their Fingers Into Her Private Part – WATCH VIDEO



A beautiful young lady identified as Ama Broni had met her untimely death after some boys took advantage of her.

According to the news reported by Angel FM and monitored by, the young lady is believed to be the finest lady in the neighbourhood.

According to reports, there’s an annul carnival at Gomoa titled “Ghetto Guy Streets” and Ama Broni was present to have to fun and enjoy herself.

Ama Broni climbed unto the stage to show off her twerking skills and lot of boys who present were excited to see her.

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Ama Broni took things to another level after she took off her panties and boys took advantage to finger her private part.

Unfortunately, Ama Broni met her untimely death as a result of that.


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