Lydia Forson goes hard on a fan who called her an ape[screenshot]

Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson


Actress Lydia Forson we all know is one celebrity who wouldn’t sit idle for people to take her for granted on any stage.

The actress has been very vocal when she feels there is something not right and people in charge needs to be sanctioned and brought to book.

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But this attitude of hers got a follower on social media angry who decided to come after her by reffering to her as an ape.

According to the user with the username Hajia Sadia, Lydia Forson is just an attention seeker and her parents could have avoided her by taking birth control pills.

She posted: “Maabenaa Antwi attention seeker. You are an ape. A simple family planning method could have prevented an idiot like you.. Get yourself busy old woman”

See screenshot below:

But Lydia Forson in her response posted a grided image of the follower asking others to see who is calling her an ape.

She captioned it: “We have another contestant. Please she’s calling someone an ape – but but but….. should I say it or you can see?”



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