LOL! DKB Gives Obour A Consolable Message After Loosing NPP Primaries At Asante Akyem


Comedian DKB has sent out a consolable message to former MUSIGHA President, Obour after loosing the NPP primaries at Asante Akyem.

Many have reacted to Obour’s loss in many ways with most laughing or teasing him, including comedian DKB who did his like he was consoling him, but in actual sense was laughing at him.


DKB in the video was heard saying Obour shouldn’t worry because he has been a president before, because he was the President of Edem who reps Volta Region, and Wiyala who reps the Nothern sector and other musicians who rep various towns, cities and regions.

After saying all this, he went ahead to laugh at him that he will be going to the various delegates who squashed his money and didn’t vote for him in the night and scare them a bit.

Watch video below;



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