[email protected] video of 18 year-old slay queen gets social media talking


As to why some people decide to make recordings of such n*de video, it just beats my imagination. Don’t they watch other people’s [email protected] video and read about how and why it got leaked? Yet again, another 18 years-old slay queen has created her own scandal after her n*de video leaks online.

The young slay queen identified on Instagram as Isabella Mckeown is in big scandal after her n*de video was [email protected] by her sugar daddy.

It is been said that Isabella recorded the videos and took pictures to share with her online white sugar Daddy.

According to sources she sent them on WhatsApp and when they both had an issue, the white dude [email protected] the footages online.

The girl has since deleted all her social media postings and has gone into hiding.

It’s been said that the video has gone so viral it is breaking the internet globally and the poor Takoradi Ghanaian Girl has to be strong in these troubling times.

Yes, how we wish we can add the video here for you to watch but it’s against site policies and also will be a violation of the policies of our advertisers.

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