I’ll encourage my daughter to be a ‘better prostitvte’ if that’s the job she wants to do – Bulldog[VIDEO]


Artiste manager and CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment, Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson aka Bulldog, has said that if his daughter opts to be a prostitute, he’ll be readily available to guide her to become a better one.

Speaking in an interview on Okay FM, Bulldog said there are classes of prostitutes, those that stand on the streets and sleep with men for some small coins whiles there are ‘better ones’ who sleep with Pastors, Ministers, Sheikhs and other big men and also travel all over the world.

Lawrence Asiamah, Bulldog
Lawrence Asiamah, Bulldog

So given these two different levels, he’ll as a good father provide guidance to his daughter to be a ‘better prostitute’.

“I would encourage her to be a better prostitute, you see now the profession of prostitution has different levels. There are upgrades. If you go to Accra Circle, we have those that ply their trade there and we have the ones too who are flying around the world to Dubai, Santorini and other parts of the world. I will ask her to be on that level’, he said.

“Because if you want to be the best in what you want to do, you must be at the top. Even if my son comes to me and say he wants to be a thief, I’ll advise him to be the best thief”, Bulldog stressed.

Explaining who a better prostitute is, the manager of Shatta Wale said:

“A better prostitute is the one that will be sleeping with Ministers, Presidents, Sheikhs…”.

Bulldog is saying this at the back of discussions that parents/fathers must provide guidance for their children on whatever they chose to do in life.

Watch the video below:



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