I Would’ve Owned Many Properties If I Were A Slay Queen In My Hey Days – Maame Dokono

Maame Dokono
Maame Dokono

Veteran actress Grace Omaboe alias Maame Dokonoo has asserted that she would have owned several properties or amassed a lot of wealth during her hay days in the entertainment industry as she was admired by several wealthy men.

Maame Dokono was a household in the 1980s and 1990s as she hosted TV shows and acted in several movies.

She was noted for co-hosting an educative storytelling TV program for kids known as ‘By the Fire Side.

Well, Maame Dokono in a recent interview with Captain Smart of Angel FM has asserted that although she amassed fame back then, she never depended on any man for support like the current crop of young ladies who call themselves Slay Queens do.

The legendary actress divulged that she single-handedly struggled to build her own house adding if she was a slay queen she would have a lot of wealth.

“I would’ve owned many properties if I was a Slay Queen in my heydays because I had a lot of men coming my way,” Grace Omaboe told Captain Smart.

Maame Dokono, however, advised the current generation of ladies who are popularly known as Slay Queens to focus on building their own businesses instead of overly depending on rich men for help who will sleep with them in exchange for money.

She further advised Ghanaian ladies, especially female celebrities to quit being pompous and choosy.


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