Hurricane Ian : Moment Naples Fire crews rescue woman from flooded car [Watch video]

Hurricane Ian
Hurricane Ian


Hurricane Ian — A video out of Naples, Florida, Wednesday perfectly encapsulates the old adage “turn around, don’t drown.”

Hurricane Ian ravaged Naples Wednesday, and one woman clearly thought she’d be OK to drive, before getting swept up in the current.

Wild footage from the rescue shows a firefighter smashing the rear passenger window — as the water continues to rise over the hood of the woman’s car.

You can tell from the video, the woman was unable to get her door open, so the firefighter had to break through a window to get the woman’s door open.

Then they got the woman out of her car, which was submerged halfway up the side of the car, and was apparently still moving, according to one of the other firefighters.


Collier County officials announced half the streets in Naples weren’t passable due to high water … so unclear if the woman just hadn’t gotten the warning, or thought she was good to go



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