HMMM!!! SHS Girl Warns Teachers Not To Ask ‘Stvpid’ Questions When School Resumes [Watch Video]


A young SHS student warns teachers in new video that ‘stvpid’ questions should not be asked when school resumes.

A video in our custody demonstrates an SHS student who tries to advice her teacher on what they should do when school.

What the young lady said is really uncalled for and must be measured with some punishments. She in the video made certain pronouncements which we thing goes against school rules.

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic (Coronavirus), students have been asked to stay home for some couple of months now.

The government in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and teacher-parent association has made some arrangement on how schools are to be reopened.

Anyway, this young lady thinks when school resumes teachers are definitely going to throw questions that are are unnecessary for their study.

She warns them before it reaches her turn to return back to school. Kindly take a look at the video below;




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