[SCREENSHOT]Here Is How Jehovah’s Witnesses Predicted The Coronavirus Outbreak 15 Years Ago


We have sighted a magazine of how the deadly Coronavirus was predicted by the Jehovah’s Witnesses some 15 years ago.

In an article published in the AWAKE magazine, a magazine associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Coronavirus outbreak was predicted 15 years ago, however, the world ignored the warning.

The title of the article was, “The Next Global Epidemic, WHEN?” and it was published in the December 22, 2005, edition of Awake!.

In this article, this Coronavirus was announced and the world was alerted that a pandemic virus might emerge in China or a nearby country in the future.

The article cautioned that this pandemic might emanate from an animal and could surface from antigens or virulence factors derived from animal influenza viruses.

The prediction, seen by some analysts as opportunistic, came two years after the end of another pandemic virus, the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak that started in November 2002.

Per our checks, SARS was also a coronavirus, and it also jumped to people from animals in the wet markets and it started in Guangdong and infected 8,098 people over the course of eight months, killing 774 Patients experienced fevers, headaches, and a type of deadly pneumonia that could cause respiratory failure.

The author of the article predicting another virus quoted the medical journal, Vaccine, of 2003, which cautioned that:

“It has been 35 years since the last influenza pandemic, and the longest interval between pandemics recorded with certainty in 39 years. The pandemic virus may emerge in China or a nearby country and could surface from antigens or virulence factors derived from animal influenza viruses.

It will spread rapidly throughout the world. Several waves of infection will occur. Morbidity will be extensive in all age groups, and there will be widespread disruption of social and economic activity in all countries. Excess mortality will be evident in most, if not all age groups. It is unlikely that health care systems in even the most economically developed countries will be able to adequately cope with the demand for health care services.”

Fast forward, the influenza pandemic again began in China in December 2019, from where it has spread to other parts of the world.


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