Some Ghanaians have been pushing for lock down since the confirmed cases of coronavirus started increasing.

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The fear and panic, is still in people though the government and celebrities are trying to spread calm.

This coupled with some major reasons and factors is the reason why some Ghanaians keep calling for a lock down.

The President has addresed the nation in regard to the coronavirus four times already and in all didn’t confirm the lock down as requested by many.

In the President’s last address, he touched on this issue and cleared the air since some were speculating there will be a 21 days lock down soon.

According to the President, the normal Ghanaian will be affected most by this move and as a good government you need to consider all factors before going ahead with a lock down.

Some Ghanaians claim the have fallen in love with the President for his wisdom and care while others are still calling for a lock down now;

Screenshots below:


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