“Eye Dey Shine Like Torch”: Babysitting Father Laments as Baby Refuses to Sleep at Night, Video Goes Viral

Babysitting Father
Babysitting Father


A Nigerian man complained to his wife over the behaviour of his baby, who rarely sleeps at night. A viral video showed the man lamenting bitterly around 4 am while carrying his baby in a carrier. He asked his wife why the baby doesn’t sleep and suggested that they take the baby to a hospital to ascertain the reason.

While complaining, he asked his wife if parents shouldn’t sleep at night just because they have a newborn at home.

Hilarious reactions trail video of Nigerian dad babysitting

Reacting to the video, some netizens shared their experiences with babies. Others found the video funny.

Samantha___xx wrote:

“When I had my son, sleep was my most precious desire. Oga no dey sleep for night at all. Just few minutes. I nearly craze.”

_thrifts_beauty commented:

“This was me three years ago. Giving birth is a sweet and bitter experience. Lol.”

_darkskingurl_ reacted:

“The man is a good man cox some men go allow the woman do watch night alone.”

Ddashnblushmakeovers said:

“Work never even start sef. Receive grace for more work. Pele o daddy wa.”

Mobileapp_website_developer stated:

“I will do it with joy sef when i marry. Its my child too.”

Ayo_bishi noted:

“This is just the beginning bro your Testimony shall be permanent Oya Say Amen.”

Cherry208 added:

“Oga no good sleep for you for the next 2-3months o. Cute baby’s eyes be shinning like torch light.”

See video below:


Mum tackles husband as he suggests sleeping medicine for baby

Meanwhile, 247careerhub.com previously reported that a Nigerian mother was not having it when her husband suggested that they give sleeping pills to their son.

The father got tired of babysitting his little son who stayed awake till around two in the early hours of the morning. In a funny video, the mother stood at the door as her husband lamented over the child’s inability to sleep early.

The mother on the other hand informed him that she will be leaving the baby with him to go to another room.



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