Criss Waddle shades all Shashi[SCREENSHOT]

Criss Waddle
Criss Waddle


AMG Business co-founder – Criss Waddle has shaded all shashi ladies in a subtle post made on his Snap.

According to Criss Waddle, the ladies giving out their bodies to guys to ‘eat’ on regular thinking that they will make a lot of cash from it will never achieve anything.

He said if such women had made money, they would have made it very long ago.

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In the jab post, the Real Estate developer wrote:

”Them chop u for Accra saa sister if u go turn rich like e happen long time ah ba, every big boy for Accra pass through you.”

Well, that message goes to the ‘cheap’ slayers who follow just any guy on the street with the aim of becoming rich.

See the screenshot below:


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