Akrobeto Shares His Experience With A Prost!tvte On Utv | Watch Video


Kumawood actor Akrobeto shares his experience with a commercial s3x worker on UTV real news

According to Akrobeto, he saw the lady near the America embassy, and looking at where she was standing he decided to give her a lift in order to avoid something bad happening to her.

When she entered the car he asked her where she was going so he can drop her off but the lady told him he should take her to his house.

Now to understand what she was saying he asked her what she meant by that and after a few conversations he realized he was s3x work.

She even suggested they do it in the car or move to a hotel.

However, to cut everything short he decided to give her money then left her where he picked her.

Is Akrobeto lying to us or he is telling the truth he laughs after narrating the story?

below is the video

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