Reason Shatta wale decided to pull out of Asaase Sound Clash Elections[screenshot]

shatta wale and stonebwoy
shatta wale and stonebwoy

Dancehall star Livingstone Etse Satekla, known widely as Stonebwoy, has managed to overturn the votes going on prior to the Asaase Sound Clash with Shatta Wale with the help of his massive fan base.

The votes took a massive turn in just a few hours after it was reported that Shatta Wale was leading the Sobolo hitmaker by some 4,000 votes.


A new screenshot now shows that Stonebwoy is now in a comfortable lead with Shatta Wale now trying to pull off a miracle in a hot chase.

As it stands now, Stonebwoy now commands some 40,457 votes with Shatta Wale struggling in second place with some 29,132 votes.

Shatta Wale had early on taken a commanding lead in votes ahead of Stonebwoy as their Asaase Radio Soundclash is set to take place.

Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy are expected to engage in a lyrical battle on Asaase Radio, a newly-opened radio station in Accra.

Dubbed Clash2CrushCOVID, the Asaase Soundclash forms part of the station’s efforts at raising awareness against COVID-19.




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