WATCH VIDEO:Shatta Wale finally reveals the amount Sarkodie paid Dr UN for his flask Award

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale took to social media Sunday to wickedly troll his ‘brother’ Sarkodie over his disgraceful appearance at the fake UN awards.

Sarkodie, Berla Mundi, D-Black and other Ghanaian celebrities have become the object of ridicule after receiving a Global Humanitarian UN Award which was fake and a scam from one Dr Kwame Fordjour, popularly known as Dr. UN.

Sarkodie in particular proudly displayed his photos from the event on social media, allegedly even blowing off the VGMA’s to attend this more prestigious award ceremony.

After refusing to take down the photos from the event even when Ghanaians were saying it’s a scam, Shatta Wale is the one who called Sark and explained everything to him, leading to him taking his photos from the event down.

However after helping his brother understand how the award is a scam, Shatta Wale then went live to troll him as well!

Shatta Wale is like one of those friends who comfort you when you’re in trouble then laugh at you about it afterwards.

According to him, Sarkodie loves awards too much which is why he was scammed by Dr UN.

Wale claims Sark paid Ghc 1,000 to receive the award, but added that D-Black paid more than everyone else – Ghc 5,000.

Watch Wale mock Sark, D-Black and others in the videos below…




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