Lady gets a customized cake and puts up a party to celebrate her divorce[photos]


Living under an unhappy roof is tantamount to depression that can lead to several health challenges and based on that a lady who broke out of such a situation has put up a party to celebrate her freedom.

According to this story which was shared on social media, a lady who has been married and decided to end it thought it wise to celebrate the divorce by getting herself a cake with a clear message.

Lady celebrate her divorce with cake

This was followed by a party she puts together to announce to the world that she has gone into the lion’s den and come back unhurt thus everyone must endear her.

Lungi Shozi (@IamlungiDee) shared these photos om social media and was surprised at the discovery of seeing someone celebrate a divorce…the marriage should be hell then.

Further checks had it that she burnt her marriage certificate at the party and exclaimed: “I am finally free.”

Some Of The Reactions To the Story Are As Follows:


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