Shatta Wale finally confirms location for ‘Already’ video with Beyoncé [screenshot]

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale has finally confirmed that Beyoncé didn’t shoot ‘Already’ video with him in Ghana.

Many were debating if Beyoncé came to Ghana to shoot his ‘Already music video’ with Shatta Wale or not. Celebrities Buzz after-hours of researching and making some contacts with some top dogs in the Shatta Movement camp realized that Beyonce never flew into the country.

Days ago, when Beyonce was speaking about how he shot the music video, he sparked a controversy which made some people believe that she was in Ghana.

That was after she said;  “it all started in my backyard, so from my house to Johannesburg, to Ghana, to London, to Belgium, to the Grand Canyon, it was truly a journey“.

In a couple of posts made by Shatta Wale on his Snapchat, it is very evident that he shot his part with Beyonce in Brooklyn.

The other scenes which were shot in Ghana were done and mailed through to the video editors.

Read Shatta Wale’s post below:

Shatta Wale confirms Beyoncé didn’t shoot ‘Already’ video with him in Ghana

Also, he hinted that he picked other massive moves in Brooklyn when he landed in the country.

Shatta Wale confirms Beyoncé didn’t shoot ‘Already’ video with him in Ghana

The music video which has crossed a million streams so far is now the hottest in the country.

Watch The Video Below:#



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