Sarkodie’s ‘lie’ about Lady Gaga sending him a Whatsapp message exposed[screenshot]

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
Sarkodie is in hot waters over some ‘professional lies’ he said in time past. He obviously said those things for clout but they’re now back-firing in his face.
As a popular adage says “a rotten carcass cannot be hidden for long, even if kept in the deepest of places, its rotten smell will eventually announce itself”.
One of the lies that got exposed this morning is the fact that Sarkodie said in an interview back in 2015 that Acehood literally reached out to him for a collabo while in reality, it was him (Sarkodie) who reached out and paid Acehood for the feature.
Ace Hood in a tweet this morning called Sark a liar but added that ‘he wishes him well.
Well, soon after this happening, trolls are digging into the past of Sarkodie to reveal the number of times that he made certain pronouncements that never came to pass.
From one of the discoveries, Sarkodie tweeted that American singer Lady Gaga sent him a message on Whatsapp.
The question is what was that for? And we were all expecting a piece of music from them since anything about their contact should be about the music business.
But 8 years after Sarkodie made that tweet on November 8, 2012, nothing has been seen or heard about him making a joint project with Lady Gaga.
Fans are now demanding answers from him.
See the tweet below:


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