Ace Hood finally reacts to reports that he begged Sarkodie for the ‘New Guy’ feature

Ace Hood
Ace Hood

American rapper, Ace Hood, has reacted to reports that he contacted Sarkodie to be featured on the ‘New Guy’ track that was released in 2015.

The genesis of the tantrums by the rapper comes on the back of a video making rounds on social media, where Sarkodie in an interview with Starr FM, said he was contacted by Ace Hood for a feature.

"Sarkodie is a liar. I wish him well" - Ace Hood reacts to reports that he begged Sarkodie for the 'New Guy' feature
Ace Hood

In the said video, Sarkodie said Ace Hood reached out to him for a feature on his ‘New Guy’ track which initially he thought was a prank until he realized that the rapper was ready to work with him.

In a way, Sarkodie meant that he did not reach out to Ace Hood for the feature but it was rather the rapper who ran with the speed of the wind to him for the collaboration.

“I didn’t make any annoucements because I doubted it but such a call felt like a prank. I got a call from my agents that Ace Hood actually contacted them so he made the appraoch. Mostly Africans try to court the attention of these people (International artistes) but for me, it was the other way round,” Sarkodie said.

This video was shared by @pnorvinyo and it had Ace Hood reply by stating that Sarkodie lied and that he can only wish him well.

“A lie smh. But I wish him well!” he replied.

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The relationship between Sarkodie and Ace Hood has clearly been marred with the testament of the latter unfollowing the former on Instagram.

What could have led to the breakdown in their relationship is an amalgamation of different issues which are very much unknown, perhaps Sarkodie failed to build the statue he promised him.

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