Aaaw:‘Mummy give me my last chance in the world. I promise not to be stubborn again’ – Little boy begs his mother for mercy after doing bad – VIDEO

Little boy beg
Little boy beg


A little boy is trending on the internet after rendering a very touching apology to his mother for doing a very bad thing against her.

The words of a little boy to his mother is really shutting down the internet. The video has the small innocent child begging for mercy and the opportunity to be given the last chance to live on earth.

He was recorded telling his mother to ‘please calm down’ and even tried his best to put into actions what he meant.

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When he was told the reason why he should be lashed, he vowed never in his life to repeat that same offence again when given the last chance.

Read a few reactions on the video below:

  • ~”African home 😁😁Mummy go wake you dawn time then beat the hell outta you for something you did earlier 😁😁 I miss home 🏠

  • Reminds me of when I was begging my ex not to break up… fun times

  • This was me. My mum helped me pack my things. I got to the gate and turned around. She rolled on the floor in laughter. When my dad called from the States that night, they both laughed throughout their conversation. Felt so embarassed I left the room.Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

  • He had his rights to enjoy too you can’t video a minor who’s about to be abused without his permission I wish I was his uncle or his father God damn it

  • One time I was gonna spank my son for something he did. I’d spanked him before so he knew I was gonna light his butt up. Next thing, bros is holding my legs screaming “Don’t kill me! Do you want my sister to be an only child?!” He was 7.Laugh wan tear my belle Rolling on the floor laughing. I freed him.

  • These kids have form a new strategy oo

  • This would be funny but in reality she is intimidating the child. He has already learned to manipulate to avoid pain, there are no real tears here. This is what makes men you manipulate women and intimidate them when they become the bigger ones. There is no need to beat your kids

Watch The Video Below:

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This boy is clever😂😂😂😂Mummy calm down

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